Our portfolio work


Full-stack development
Front-end and Back-end implementation of Google Merchant API, Google Adwords API.

This project contains two separate systems for Magento and Squarespace that allows a user to load products from the online store into the Google Adwords service.

The Magento app installs a native implementation of the service into Magento extension. The app loads the products onto a server using Magento data, where one can filter, rename, add, delete, etc. fields of the products. Then the products are loaded into Google Merchant – a service for storing the products, and after that Adwords Campaign is created – it displays the products in the Google advertisement. The payment for the service is done in Magento.

The Squarespace app is similar to the Magento app in terms of the steps and logic of the process. However, it is created as a fully separate app, where the products are imported manually and the payment for the service is done in the app itself.

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