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We are a team of qualified front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers as well as communicative and responsible project managers. We are certified specialists who know how to make a perfect code which will best suit your needs. We’re always ready for the interesting and challenging projects!

Upwork Hours

We’ve been facing a huge variety of tasks requiring different technologies and skills. Developing from scratch and implementing new features to existing code, connecting new models and redesigning the website - these are tasks we do on a regular basis, but this is not a complete list of them!


We can proudly say that we have 58 successfully completed clients' visions and this number is constantly increasing. We keep maintaining the vast majority of our projects and embodying the most daring ideas of our clients. We are able to both develop the project from scratch and support the existing one for you!

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We begin to work over every our project from the detailed research.

What is the aim and objectives of your business? How do you motivate your target audience? Which instruments can accelerate your sales?

After answering the core questions we develop the model that will work personally for you and your business needs. At this point, we discuss your ideas, design, structure and main functions of the features.

Then goes selection of instruments which will serve our goals best.

We assist our customers in choosing technologies, platforms, services that will suit for their applications taking into account the size of budget and deadlines.

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Layout coding is an important link between design and programming.

It is a conversion of the finished design into a working draft.

We transform graphic layouts created by the designer into HTML-code that would be displayed in the Internet browser in exact accordance with the original layout.

The primary function of the layout is to visualize the content, represent the information structure, and demonstrate the basic functionality.

At this stage, we receive a skeleton of the future project and are able to proceed with back-end development.

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You can already see the basic functionality of your website, though the key stage of project implementation is yet to come. This is what we call development, the process of building the functionality for all project blocks and items.

Our developers implement parts of code gradually so that you can see how this or that feature works straight away.

At this stage, we connect each front-end blocks and elements with back-end functionality. Namely, we develop the functionality that was described in specifications, combine the layout with back-end logic, etc.

When this stage is completed you can see all the functionality of your site in action!

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Testing is a guarantee of the final project quality. Before releasing the project in production, we always make sure that it complies with the key criteria.

To start with we check that its design and functionality meet all the specifications. Then we make sure that the code is clean and fits our internal quality standards.

Apart from that we think of the end user and do our best to make the application or website convenient in practice.

We always focus on long-term cooperation with all our customers. Therefore, our goal is to create such a project that will be convenient in scaling in order that it would develop in the long run.

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No matter what kind of work we do for you, we realize that it will be extremely important to expand your business, enter new markets and just be up to date today and in the future.

We’re always ready to provide maintenance and support, no matter how much time have passed since we released the project, we’re here for you to implement new features, create new themes, or even redesign your website.

With the new technologies coming you may want to migrate to another platform, add new modules or integrate with third-party services.

And you can always come to us for qualified help!

OUR Working process

  • 01Concept discussion
  • 02Layout coding
  • 03Development
  • 04Testing
  • 05Maintenance

Reviews about us

Lyle de Groot

avatar Denys and his team from Kozak Group have been instrumental in helping us bring our complex SaaS platform to life. Their expertise, extremely well thought out development plans and easy way of working have been so rewarding that we have and continue to work with them as our #1 development agency. I have worked with many, many developers in the past, but I can say with all honesty that Denys and the Kozak team are the best I have ever worked with.
Don't change a thing...it works.

Matthijs de Vries

avatar Strong and skilled developers that have a lot of knowledge and not afraid of deadlines. Happy to work with them again in the future!

Amazing developers with amazing work ethic. Very organized and quick development of new features. Have a lot of feedback and offer insights to improve codebase. Likes to take difficult tasks and helps out proactively when there are issues. Very fun to work with and happy with the results!

Bart Declerck

Thank you very much! Quality, knowledge, and adherence to timelines were excellent.


Just great work! Happy to work in the future again


The developer did a good job. I had to close the contract as the project was pulled off in between for different reasons.


Thank you for pulling everything together on such a short notice;)

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